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    Being lesbian and start homosexually relationship might be a life to change the decision, especially if you are planning to devote all your life and the way of behavior towards it. Such drastic decision might not be accepted by your family, friends and environment, however, some of the people claims that become gay or lesbian was the best decision they could ever make.

    However, it seems like most of the lesbians out there are skinny and quite attractive girls who are looking for thrill adventures with another girl or just want to check out how it’s like to play in bed with a woman. It’s barely hard to notice and see BBW who would go for all with another lady. Why it’s like this? Are there some reasons why chubby girls still prefer to meet with guys only?

    1. Being embarrassed in public

    Fat body gathers attention, there’s no way to avoid until you won’t get slim and lose that extra kilogram. Chubby people have a tendency to be paranoid about others people opinion about themselves. Obviously, not all BBWs are like this but some of them lack self-confidence and can’t deal with rumors and gossips around them. If a fat girl would become a lesbian, she would be exposed way much more about criticism from the world and be judged easily. Even some BBWs do have an attraction to another girl; they rather stay in the shadow and do not show sexual preferences.

    2. End of family tree

    Chubby girls are friendly, easy going and really open minded. They are also family oriented and can do whatever it takes to protect beloved ones. Since they received so much support from family members since they struggle with heavyweight, they wish to have own family and kids one day. This desire is so real that some BBWs even wish to become a single mother, just to raise a kid and fill up self-satisfaction. Of course lesbian can become a single mom or raise a kid together with her partner; however, this is not that acceptable in society yet. BBWs are less likely to make a relationship with other girls because of their dreams of meeting the perfect guy one day and have kids with him.

    3. Increased risk of STDs

    Fat girls need to struggle with weight and health problems every single day. Not only their spines are getting bad but overall body condition might be in a serious danger because of extra kilograms. The heart might not work properly and there’s a huge risk of sudden death if the overweight is a serious matter. In this case, why expose your body to more sickness and disease? Studies have shown that gay and lesbians are “perfect source” of getting STDs and herpes for free. They pass it quite easily since they are having sex with the same gender and since there’s no risk of pregnancy, they don’t use any kind of contraceptive method. Obviously, it's hard to get protection while having sex with another girl.

    4. Not being accepted in society

    BBWs have a great struggle for being accepted in society just because of their body sizes. They spend years and years for having a good and friendly opinion in particular environments. If a fat girl becomes lesbian, she will gain acceptance from lesbians’ society, however, no more acceptation in everyday life from family, friends, and co-workers. This would bring suicide thoughts and end up very badly.

    5. It’s harder to find true love

    As we mention above, BBWs are family oriented and would like to have husband and kids as soon as it’s possible. Finding a true love is very important and might not happen, or not happen that easily if you become a lesbian. Girls are tricky and mean, so you can end up with a broken heart instead of the engagement ring. Most of the lesbian girls are in the hood for playing and one-night stands. It’s hard to find a girl who is willing to devote to partner and have serious commitment and relationship.

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