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    Being pregnant and having a baby is every woman’s desire. Having healthy and non-complicated labor is something which all expecting ladies are looking for. Sometimes it’s not that easy to get pregnant and become a mother. Success is determined by a bunch of factors like health, body and mind condition and of course weight.

    Some chubby and overweight ladies might meet a bit of difficulties in procreation matters. Those problems are not only caused by their weight but overall body condition. Girls, who are fat, are commonly known to have ovary disease called polycystic ovaries syndrome which might be cured by proper diet, exercise or medicine. However, this disease seems to be a burden when it comes to pregnancy and even might cause miscarriage.

    Due to polycystic ovaries, fertile is a bit complicated and overweight ladies are more likely to hold a twins pregnancy or even a triplets because eggs are not coming off from ovaries on a regular basis (1 egg from 1 ovary every month) but sometimes 1 ovary can release 2 eggs at once.

    Even though it’s possible to have a healthy and non-complicated pregnancy when you are overweight, some woman experiences lots of medical problems while carrying a baby. Most common problems are high blood pressure and diabetes. There’s a huge risk that labour might start earlier than it's supposed to start which decrease a chance of baby’s survival if it’s too soon.

    Labor of chubby lady is more complicated when it comes to the skinny woman. Fat mothers are usually ending up with C-section because their bodies are too weak and too big to give a natural birth. This is slightly bad because of natural birth and the moment when the baby is struggling through uterus and vagina to get into this world. Baby’s sensors actives and the brain starts to work well when labor is performed in a natural way. What's more, there's a huge risk of the extreme amount of blood while labor and might cause baby dead. If a woman gets a C-section, her wounds on stomach won’t cure that easily because of fat in the belly area. Also losing weight after pregnancy is nearly impossible.

    Babies from overweight mothers are rather small, might have serious health problems after birth and might not grow well because of lack of vitamins and minerals. Fat ladies are commonly offered extra scans while pregnancy to check if the baby is growing properly and there are no serious matters in the womb. It’s a common myth that babies from fat mothers are more likely to be overweight and have extra kilograms in adult life, however, if the mother keeps unhealthy eating habits, her children will follow them as well, and become fat.

    For the bright side, there're a few things you can do if you are plus size and pregnant or want to become a mother soon. Balance diet is the main key here. Eat healthy food, check food labels and drink lots of water. If you are not pregnant yet, try to lose a few extra kilograms. This will also help you to get pregnant more easily. Exercise on a daily basis even you are pregnant are well recommended too. Don’t forget to visit your gyno from time to time and consult every worry you might have while this awesome and magical period as being pregnant and become a mother.

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