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    Having satisfied sex life might be a bit hard and challenging if you have a few kilograms here and there. For all BBW ladies who are willing to have awesome and exciting adventures in bed and give full pleasure to their partners, we have a remedy. No matter if you have obese or having huge cups, the sex positions we are going to present here would be perfect for you to achieve all the sex goals you want. Not only you will surprise your love with more energy and be bed active, but for sure this will create a bond between the two of you.


    Let’s start with something simple. Missionary position is well known since ancient times and it’s classic way be pleased. The good point of this position is the ability to control your body movement and the way how your big boobies going to swing. You can let your partner get deep inside of you, or just tease him a bit with controlling vagina muscles. Some people might find Missionary position quite boring, but it’s a great way for plus size ladies and you can always spice up this position a bit while playing with sex toys.

    2.Doggie Style

    Doggie style is another well-known and popular position for lovers who are looking for both satisfaction and control over the situation. It does have an awful name, but trust me... It’s a great position! Not only your partner will be fully satisfied since he can get deep inside of you, but you can have a full control on your stomach and breasts as well. Doggie style won’t make you feel bad or possessed, but will make you feel attractive and sexy as never before!

    3.Girl On Top

    This position might lead you to feel uncomfortable at first since all your curves are going to be exposed in front of you partner’s eyes, however, there’s no need to be a worry! Girl on top, riding a guy is best for plus size ladies and let them have full control of body and movements. Don’t you want to be a lady of the night and control your bad boy? For sure you do!


    Even though sounds a bit funny, it has nothing to do with cooking and eating, expect… eating your sexual desires over the night. This is the simple yet awesome position for chubby girls and let them feel their partner perfectly. The Spoon position is a great Kama Sutra variation and enjoys having sex with extra kilograms. The enjoyment is more guaranteed when partner stimulates your huge breasts.

    5.Reverse Cowgirl

    Do you want to ride a Rodeo? If you do, this position is the perfect solution for you. Cowgirl position seems simple and fantastic to achieve orgasm in a couple of minutes. Thus position will help you to control your body and stomach in the way you prefer. It also gives great stimulation for both partners. Despite having extra kilograms, there’s no need to worry about sex life for BBW personals at all. There're lots of great sexual positions which are going to make your life happy and satisfied. What we presented here are only a few most popular ones. The main point is to never give up and try to discover new and even more exciting positions which are going to lead you to 100 % pleasure and orgasm.

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