• Fat ladies and pregnancy; is it safe for both mother and baby? Posted by Admin

    Being pregnant and having a baby is every woman’s desire. Having healthy and non-complicated labor is something which all expecting ladies are looking for. Sometimes it’s not that easy to get pregnant and become a mother. Success is determined by a bunch of factors like health, body and mind condition and of course weight.

    Some chubby and overweight ladies might meet a bit of difficulties in procreation matters. Those problems are not only caused by their weight but overall body condition. Girls, who are fat, are commonly known to have ovary disease called polycystic ovaries syndrome which might be cured by proper diet, exercise or medicine. However, this disease seems to be a burden when it comes to pregnancy and even might cause miscarriage.

    Due to polycystic ovaries, fertile is a bit complicated and overweight ladies are more likely to hold a twins pregnancy or even a triplets because eggs are not coming off from ovaries on a regular basis (1 egg from 1 ovary every month) but sometimes 1 ovary can release 2 eggs at once.

    Even though it’s possible to have a healthy and non-complicated pregnancy when you are overweight, some woman experiences lots of medical problems while carrying a baby. Most common problems are high blood pressure and diabetes. There’s a huge risk that labour might start earlier than it's supposed to start which decrease a chance of baby’s survival if it’s too soon.

    Labor of chubby lady is more complicated when it comes to the skinny woman. Fat mothers are usually ending up with C-section because their bodies are too weak and too big to give a natural birth. This is slightly bad because of natural birth and the moment when the baby is struggling through uterus and vagina to get into this world. Baby’s sensors actives and the brain starts to work well when labor is performed in a natural way. What's more, there's a huge risk of the extreme amount of blood while labor and might cause baby dead. If a woman gets a C-section, her wounds on stomach won’t cure that easily because of fat in the belly area. Also losing weight after pregnancy is nearly impossible.

    Babies from overweight mothers are rather small, might have serious health problems after birth and might not grow well because of lack of vitamins and minerals. Fat ladies are commonly offered extra scans while pregnancy to check if the baby is growing properly and there are no serious matters in the womb. It’s a common myth that babies from fat mothers are more likely to be overweight and have extra kilograms in adult life, however, if the mother keeps unhealthy eating habits, her children will follow them as well, and become fat.

    For the bright side, there're a few things you can do if you are plus size and pregnant or want to become a mother soon. Balance diet is the main key here. Eat healthy food, check food labels and drink lots of water. If you are not pregnant yet, try to lose a few extra kilograms. This will also help you to get pregnant more easily. Exercise on a daily basis even you are pregnant are well recommended too. Don’t forget to visit your gyno from time to time and consult every worry you might have while this awesome and magical period as being pregnant and become a mother.

  • Best sex positions for BBWs Posted by Admin

    Having satisfied sex life might be a bit hard and challenging if you have a few kilograms here and there. For all BBW ladies who are willing to have awesome and exciting adventures in bed and give full pleasure to their partners, we have a remedy. No matter if you have obese or having huge cups, the sex positions we are going to present here would be perfect for you to achieve all the sex goals you want. Not only you will surprise your love with more energy and be bed active, but for sure this will create a bond between the two of you.


    Let’s start with something simple. Missionary position is well known since ancient times and it’s classic way be pleased. The good point of this position is the ability to control your body movement and the way how your big boobies going to swing. You can let your partner get deep inside of you, or just tease him a bit with controlling vagina muscles. Some people might find Missionary position quite boring, but it’s a great way for plus size ladies and you can always spice up this position a bit while playing with sex toys.

    2.Doggie Style

    Doggie style is another well-known and popular position for lovers who are looking for both satisfaction and control over the situation. It does have an awful name, but trust me... It’s a great position! Not only your partner will be fully satisfied since he can get deep inside of you, but you can have a full control on your stomach and breasts as well. Doggie style won’t make you feel bad or possessed, but will make you feel attractive and sexy as never before!

    3.Girl On Top

    This position might lead you to feel uncomfortable at first since all your curves are going to be exposed in front of you partner’s eyes, however, there’s no need to be a worry! Girl on top, riding a guy is best for plus size ladies and let them have full control of body and movements. Don’t you want to be a lady of the night and control your bad boy? For sure you do!


    Even though sounds a bit funny, it has nothing to do with cooking and eating, expect… eating your sexual desires over the night. This is the simple yet awesome position for chubby girls and let them feel their partner perfectly. The Spoon position is a great Kama Sutra variation and enjoys having sex with extra kilograms. The enjoyment is more guaranteed when partner stimulates your huge breasts.

    5.Reverse Cowgirl

    Do you want to ride a Rodeo? If you do, this position is the perfect solution for you. Cowgirl position seems simple and fantastic to achieve orgasm in a couple of minutes. Thus position will help you to control your body and stomach in the way you prefer. It also gives great stimulation for both partners. Despite having extra kilograms, there’s no need to worry about sex life for BBW personals at all. There're lots of great sexual positions which are going to make your life happy and satisfied. What we presented here are only a few most popular ones. The main point is to never give up and try to discover new and even more exciting positions which are going to lead you to 100 % pleasure and orgasm.

  • BBW Woman vs Skinny Woman. Ultimate battle. Posted by Admin

    Fat or a skinny woman? Which one is better? This is the ultimate and lifetime question which had been asking multiple times over the centuries. Even though there's no clear answer on that question, many scientists had been wondering if dating a bbw is better than dating a skinny woman or if a skinny lady can be better in a relationship than someone who is obese.

    In this article, we would like to present some arguments which fat girls and skinny ones have in common and some things which they are totally different from. Are you ready for an ultimate battle?

    What fat and skinny girls have in common?

    They are lovely, carrying and family oriented. Can do whatever it takes for a family and husband/ partner.

    Can be great mothers and take care of household well.

    Need love and sex on the same level.

    Both trying to find love online.

    They are educated well and know solutions for many problems.

    They are pretty, gorgeous and sexy.

    They know their prices and what it takes to date them.

    Both like slim, thin and masculine guys.

    They are both proud of their body shapes.

    They both know how to turn guys on them.

    They have great strategy when it comes for dating.

    The main reason why they are dating is marriage.

    What fat and skinny girls have uncommon?

    Scientists claim that fat girls are better in bed and more open minded about trying new positions and sex toys.

    Skinny girls have no problems in buying sexy dresses and lingerie.

    When it comes to pregnancy fat girls might have slight difficulties but they are more likely to feed the baby with milk within proper amounts.

    Skinny girls might accrued lactation problems since their breasts are not that big.

    Chubby girls have a better sense of humor and are more open-minded.

    Slim girls care about the way they look way too much while having heavy and full covered makeup.

    BBW doesn’t need a lot of makeup since their natural face’s fat makes them look younger than their actual age is.

    Skinny girls make a silent battle with other girls to proof which one is better in getting best partner and soul mate.

    Fat girls can hang out with anyone unless this particular person won’t hurt them.

    Slim girls are meaner toward others and they are extremely picky when it comes to dating.

    Chubby girls are feeling comfortable while meeting any guy and they are not that picky at all.

    You cannot hug slim girl unless you like cuddling a skeleton.

    Chubby girls are perfect pillows in bed.

    Skinny girls tend to care about diet and exercise way too much.

    Fatty girls don’t care about a diet that much and can eat almost everything.

    Slim girls are more complicated.

    BBWs are nice and easy to talk to.

    You cannot take the slim girl to any place for a date.

    The chubby girl would be more than happy to follow your date’s ideas.

    As you might notices, there are more uncommon things when it comes to battle between fat and skinny girls. However, who you like choose, a BBW or slim model – like girl it all depends on you and preferences. However, we hope that you enjoyed our ultimate battle.

  • BBW online photo tips and guide Posted by Admin

    Online dating is a great and interesting alternative while looking for a partner and perfect match. However, not all stories might end up successful; there are more and more dating services available in a matter of few clicks. Big and beautiful women always have slightly more problems while dating online than another type of people. Is it because of their weight or because they are quite shy and lack of confidence? It’s both actually. Sources say that plus size ladies have the ability to be more criticize about their body shapes and it all leads to unsuccessful love stories.

    How to be successful in online dating and don’t get crazy while posting good looking pictures on the Internet? Let’s find out!

    1.Take some pictures outside

    There’s always better to upload a picture in natural, beautiful environment than having a selfie in the bathroom. Even an average quality camera can take awesome shots outdoors and you can take advantage from this. Being in full light will help you to manage body shape and how it’s going to look like in the pic. With a couple of shadow tricks, you can make your body looks slimmer.

    2.Wear your best clothes

    You don’t need to wear only label clothes to looks like a million dollars, however having something nice and elegant would be recommended. It’s very important to choose something you are comfortable and beautiful with. Your clothes are going to express your personality on the photo, so choose wisely. For a better look, try to wear something black, since this color makes body looks a bit slimmer than in reality.

    3. Don’t cover your face

    There’s no need to be a ninja and cover half of your pretty face in the shadows. Try to avoid sunglasses too, because people with sunglasses on profile pictures are usually skipped ahead and treat as a someone who is trying to hide something. Eyes are a window to the soul and will express you more than you can even imagine.

    4.Avoid seated poses

    Unfortunately sitting pose is worst position ever, which might expose your curves and extra kilograms instantly. In order to have great shot for a dating profile, try to have a standing pose and look relaxed. This will make you look thinner and more confident.

    5.Don’t crop pictures

    Cropping pictures mean that you either have something to hide or you don’t want to expose your full body. Never, ever try to upload a picture without full body shape. Your profile will be skipped automatically if you do so. Be confident and show your sexy curves to the world.

    6.Avoid straight angles

    Straight angles will make your body looks fat, even more than it is in reality due to the camera lens. Try to stand in such angle which will help you to look slimmer. It’s a great strategy especially if you have quite a lot of fat around your belly.

    7.Ask for professional help

    A professional photographer will always know what kind of picture you shall take in order to upload it on BBW dating websites. There is nothing wrong in asking for help, especially if you want to be successful in dating and gather many potential partners into your profile.

    The choice of profile picture, is the main key to being successful and find a perfect partner for BBW. Studies have shown that dating profiles with attractive and well-taken shots increase the rate of viewers for almost 100 %. This is a good chance to take.

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