• Why BBWs never become lesbians? Posted by Admin

    Being lesbian and start homosexually relationship might be a life to change the decision, especially if you are planning to devote all your life and the way of behavior towards it. Such drastic decision might not be accepted by your family, friends and environment, however, some of the people claims that become gay or lesbian was the best decision they could ever make.

    However, it seems like most of the lesbians out there are skinny and quite attractive girls who are looking for thrill adventures with another girl or just want to check out how it’s like to play in bed with a woman. It’s barely hard to notice and see BBW who would go for all with another lady. Why it’s like this? Are there some reasons why chubby girls still prefer to meet with guys only?

    1. Being embarrassed in public

    Fat body gathers attention, there’s no way to avoid until you won’t get slim and lose that extra kilogram. Chubby people have a tendency to be paranoid about others people opinion about themselves. Obviously, not all BBWs are like this but some of them lack self-confidence and can’t deal with rumors and gossips around them. If a fat girl would become a lesbian, she would be exposed way much more about criticism from the world and be judged easily. Even some BBWs do have an attraction to another girl; they rather stay in the shadow and do not show sexual preferences.

    2. End of family tree

    Chubby girls are friendly, easy going and really open minded. They are also family oriented and can do whatever it takes to protect beloved ones. Since they received so much support from family members since they struggle with heavyweight, they wish to have own family and kids one day. This desire is so real that some BBWs even wish to become a single mother, just to raise a kid and fill up self-satisfaction. Of course lesbian can become a single mom or raise a kid together with her partner; however, this is not that acceptable in society yet. BBWs are less likely to make a relationship with other girls because of their dreams of meeting the perfect guy one day and have kids with him.

    3. Increased risk of STDs

    Fat girls need to struggle with weight and health problems every single day. Not only their spines are getting bad but overall body condition might be in a serious danger because of extra kilograms. The heart might not work properly and there’s a huge risk of sudden death if the overweight is a serious matter. In this case, why expose your body to more sickness and disease? Studies have shown that gay and lesbians are “perfect source” of getting STDs and herpes for free. They pass it quite easily since they are having sex with the same gender and since there’s no risk of pregnancy, they don’t use any kind of contraceptive method. Obviously, it's hard to get protection while having sex with another girl.

    4. Not being accepted in society

    BBWs have a great struggle for being accepted in society just because of their body sizes. They spend years and years for having a good and friendly opinion in particular environments. If a fat girl becomes lesbian, she will gain acceptance from lesbians’ society, however, no more acceptation in everyday life from family, friends, and co-workers. This would bring suicide thoughts and end up very badly.

    5. It’s harder to find true love

    As we mention above, BBWs are family oriented and would like to have husband and kids as soon as it’s possible. Finding a true love is very important and might not happen, or not happen that easily if you become a lesbian. Girls are tricky and mean, so you can end up with a broken heart instead of the engagement ring. Most of the lesbian girls are in the hood for playing and one-night stands. It’s hard to find a girl who is willing to devote to partner and have serious commitment and relationship.

  • What it's like to be a plus-size woman who dates thin guys? Posted by Admin

    Dating is a crucial part of our life and sooner or later everybody will be on demand for finding the perfect partner for marriage and serious commitments. However, finding love and relationship is not that easy if you are a representative of specific niches, in this case, a BBW. BBW which stand for Big & Beautiful woman is a community of chubby or obese ladies who are proud of having extra kilograms but still willing to fall in love and share emotions with someone special.


    Judgment might be a real problem here because society is not that open minded yet about plus size ladies and their dating preferences. Most of the thin people claim that plus size ladies shall be interested in chubby and obese guys only because this is something “they deserved for”. This is so wrong because some slim guys are rather interested in dating BBWs then skinny girls. Plus size who is hanging out with masculine guys is judged by others (even family and friends) who cannot understand that the fact that she is chubby doesn’t mean that she cannot meet slim guys.

    2.Difficulties in finding partner

    When you are plus size it’s rather hard to find perfect partner especially if you are looking for him through slim and sporty style guys. You might be rejected quite fast and quite easily if you spot feelings towards the wrong person. This might be depressing and let you down for a while. Every chubby girl needs to make sure that the guy she is looking for is into dating BBWs as well. This is frustrating for most plus size ladies.

    3.Dating online

    Online dating seems to be fair enough when it comes to finding a slim partner if you are a BBW. Not only there are specific dating services for extra kilograms ladies and their admirers but even dating apps like Tinder makes it easier. While offline dating, you can be approached by a guy who is not interested in you and just make fun of you, in the online world it’s not common. On dating services, you will be contacted and matched only with someone who is really into BBWs and their chubby bodies and receive messages from guys who are clearly interested in you. It seems like finding a thin partner online is easier and looks like a piece of cake.

    No matter what your preferences are, if you are a plus size lady and like to date slim guys, just go for it. There’s a plenty of fishes in the sea who are waiting for your contact. Never give up and follow your heart!

  • Problems which BBW might meet while dating. Posted by Admin

    Dating as BBW might be hard and challenging especially if you have low self-confidence and you are not a dating expert yet. There might be a problem not only despite your weight and how your body looks like but society might give you troubles too. Being overweight is not an easy task and requires a lot of patience and determination while dating and looking for a partner.

    What are the problems which BBW might occur while dating? Let’s find out!

    1.Finding partner

    It seems like finding a partner is not that easy when you are overweight or a chubby person. Most of the guys prefer to date with slim girls looking like models directly from a catwalk. There are also not clear signs if the guy you are interested in is either interested in meeting you or like BBWs. Hanging out in public places like bars and disco in order to find a match, is not an easy task either. You can be misunderstood by a guy directly when you come to his table and try to have a conversation. Finding partner might be really frustrating and requires lots of patience and time.

    2.Meeting people in public places

    Except for all the things connected with finding a proper partner and great a guy who is into BBWs, meeting people in public places might be a bit uncomfortable as well. If you are heading to a fancy place or spot in order to catch some sexy guys to dating with, you might not be able to choose proper time for this. If you come up to early, all sexy guys might not appear yet. If you arrive at the place too late, all attractive guys might be taken and went to the home with a soul mate already. Also arriving too early into some place it might be a sign that you are too desperate to find a partner in order to your weight.

    3.Proper clothes

    Clothes are rather important when it comes to a date. The elegant, sexy and smart look is highly recommended when you go for a date. However, BBWs might have problems with dressing well because of their weight. Not all gorgeous looking clothes had been designed for chubby ladies. Some fatty girls are even desperate to look great and try to wear something they don’t feel comfortable with. The most common trick is wearing enormous size high heels to make legs and hips look slimmer. Wearing midi black dress is a great trick too because black color makes body looks more flawless and thin.

    4.Joking around

    BBWs are well known from having a great sense of humor and being the animal of the party. Despite being cheerful and happy, they hate jokes about themselves and their body shape. Unfortunately, they need to play it cool and pretend to be easy riders about their weight. Joking around about how big they hips are, make them feel bad inside but try to make people fall in love with their easy-going characters.

    These are only a couple of problems which might become a nightmare when BBW dating. Unfortunately, the list of the issues goes on. Hopefully, if you are plus size lady and keep in mind that no matter what you will find your soul mate; everything will become a lot easier.

  • Perspectives on plus-size dating. Posted by Admin

    Dating is most important thing in adultery life. Finding a perfect partner for marriage and family creation is something we had been told since an early age. Our parents and guardians told us that being successful in life means being successful and happy in love as well. Having a partner with who you can share all your ups and downs is something which all people desires. When it comes to plus size ladies and gentlemen there’s no difference. They also would like to be loved and carried by someone who devoted feelings to them. However, studies have shown that overweight and plus size people have a great struggle in finding love.

    Perspectives on plus-size dating are not that promises in some of the cases, despite open-mind and that fact that the world is more and more open to people who struggle with their body sizes.

    Some of plus size people spend all lifestyle on a diet, healthy food, and many exercises, however, sometimes it doesn’t bring any effect. Overweight is something people gain from early childhood and all in all it’s very hard to get rid of it. Being chubby and having extra kilograms has a huge effect on dating and love life. Plus size people are afraid and ashamed of how their body looks like. Some of them prefer to spend a lifetime alone, however, this is not the best decision they could make. In scientists opinion, if a plus size person starts to date a thin and slim partner, then the possibility of losing weight gets higher and higher. Motivation is the main key here.

    There’s a misconception that fat people are feeling insecure in their bodies. Of course in some cases (especially extremely fat) it’s a true statement, but more and more oversize people are trying to be and have the same lifestyle as thin and slim ones. There are some cases when plus size people might feel uncomfortable but it shouldn't stop them from change life’s quality and have a relationship. Feeling proud and good in the own body is the main factor here. If you don’t like your body and yourself, how you want to love someone else?

    Perspectives on plus size dating get more promising when it comes to online dating all bunch of services which are related to BBW community. overweight ladies can receive few hundred messages per month from BBW admirers and get to know that being skinny is not an option for everyone out there. People are different and have different tastes when it comes to finding a partner. Being chubby doesn’t mean that you can't have a healthy relationship, have a baby and be happy.

    Sex can be an issue here; however, even really overweight ladies can have a great and satisfied sex life. While choosing proper positions and make a deal or two with a partner, you can achieve 100 % satisfaction and pleased your partner as well. Proper technique is a matter here.

    Sadly, some plus size girls are getting into toxic relationships only for being loved and have a feeling of security and care. This is so wrong way because dating someone shouldn’t force you to do something which you cannot accept fully. A perfect example is feeder relationship. A guy, who is feeding his girl with sweets and junk food to the maximum level, until she cannot walk on her own. What happens later on? The girl is left alone with 200-250 kilogram weight and needs a doctor’s help and medications for the rest of her life. Is this a really good price for being “loved” for a while?

    Plus dating has a perspective to be successful however it all depends on the person and his/her way of life. If someone is desperate to date but is willing to change habits a bit then it’s a good way to be happy and successful.

  • Fat ladies and pregnancy; is it safe for both mother and baby? Posted by Admin

    Being pregnant and having a baby is every woman’s desire. Having healthy and non-complicated labor is something which all expecting ladies are looking for. Sometimes it’s not that easy to get pregnant and become a mother. Success is determined by a bunch of factors like health, body and mind condition and of course weight.

    Some chubby and overweight ladies might meet a bit of difficulties in procreation matters. Those problems are not only caused by their weight but overall body condition. Girls, who are fat, are commonly known to have ovary disease called polycystic ovaries syndrome which might be cured by proper diet, exercise or medicine. However, this disease seems to be a burden when it comes to pregnancy and even might cause miscarriage.

    Due to polycystic ovaries, fertile is a bit complicated and overweight ladies are more likely to hold a twins pregnancy or even a triplets because eggs are not coming off from ovaries on a regular basis (1 egg from 1 ovary every month) but sometimes 1 ovary can release 2 eggs at once.

    Even though it’s possible to have a healthy and non-complicated pregnancy when you are overweight, some woman experiences lots of medical problems while carrying a baby. Most common problems are high blood pressure and diabetes. There’s a huge risk that labour might start earlier than it's supposed to start which decrease a chance of baby’s survival if it’s too soon.

    Labor of chubby lady is more complicated when it comes to the skinny woman. Fat mothers are usually ending up with C-section because their bodies are too weak and too big to give a natural birth. This is slightly bad because of natural birth and the moment when the baby is struggling through uterus and vagina to get into this world. Baby’s sensors actives and the brain starts to work well when labor is performed in a natural way. What's more, there's a huge risk of the extreme amount of blood while labor and might cause baby dead. If a woman gets a C-section, her wounds on stomach won’t cure that easily because of fat in the belly area. Also losing weight after pregnancy is nearly impossible.

    Babies from overweight mothers are rather small, might have serious health problems after birth and might not grow well because of lack of vitamins and minerals. Fat ladies are commonly offered extra scans while pregnancy to check if the baby is growing properly and there are no serious matters in the womb. It’s a common myth that babies from fat mothers are more likely to be overweight and have extra kilograms in adult life, however, if the mother keeps unhealthy eating habits, her children will follow them as well, and become fat.

    For the bright side, there're a few things you can do if you are plus size and pregnant or want to become a mother soon. Balance diet is the main key here. Eat healthy food, check food labels and drink lots of water. If you are not pregnant yet, try to lose a few extra kilograms. This will also help you to get pregnant more easily. Exercise on a daily basis even you are pregnant are well recommended too. Don’t forget to visit your gyno from time to time and consult every worry you might have while this awesome and magical period as being pregnant and become a mother.