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  • BBW Woman vs Skinny Woman. Ultimate battle. Posted by Admin

    Fat or a skinny woman? Which one is better? This is the ultimate and lifetime question which had been asking multiple times over the centuries. Even though there's no clear answer on that question, many scientists had been wondering if dating a bbw is better than dating a skinny woman or if a skinny lady can be better in a relationship than someone who is obese.

    In this article, we would like to present some arguments which fat girls and skinny ones have in common and some things which they are totally different from. Are you ready for an ultimate battle?

    What fat and skinny girls have in common?

    They are lovely, carrying and family oriented. Can do whatever it takes for a family and husband/ partner.

    Can be great mothers and take care of household well.

    Need love and sex on the same level.

    Both trying to find love online.

    They are educated well and know solutions for many problems.

    They are pretty, gorgeous and sexy.

    They know their prices and what it takes to date them.

    Both like slim, thin and masculine guys.

    They are both proud of their body shapes.

    They both know how to turn guys on them.

    They have great strategy when it comes for dating.

    The main reason why they are dating is marriage.

    What fat and skinny girls have uncommon?

    Scientists claim that fat girls are better in bed and more open minded about trying new positions and sex toys.

    Skinny girls have no problems in buying sexy dresses and lingerie.

    When it comes to pregnancy fat girls might have slight difficulties but they are more likely to feed the baby with milk within proper amounts.

    Skinny girls might accrued lactation problems since their breasts are not that big.

    Chubby girls have a better sense of humor and are more open-minded.

    Slim girls care about the way they look way too much while having heavy and full covered makeup.

    BBW doesn’t need a lot of makeup since their natural face’s fat makes them look younger than their actual age is.

    Skinny girls make a silent battle with other girls to proof which one is better in getting best partner and soul mate.

    Fat girls can hang out with anyone unless this particular person won’t hurt them.

    Slim girls are meaner toward others and they are extremely picky when it comes to dating.

    Chubby girls are feeling comfortable while meeting any guy and they are not that picky at all.

    You cannot hug slim girl unless you like cuddling a skeleton.

    Chubby girls are perfect pillows in bed.

    Skinny girls tend to care about diet and exercise way too much.

    Fatty girls don’t care about a diet that much and can eat almost everything.

    Slim girls are more complicated.

    BBWs are nice and easy to talk to.

    You cannot take the slim girl to any place for a date.

    The chubby girl would be more than happy to follow your date’s ideas.

    As you might notices, there are more uncommon things when it comes to battle between fat and skinny girls. However, who you like choose, a BBW or slim model – like girl it all depends on you and preferences. However, we hope that you enjoyed our ultimate battle.

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