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  • BBW online photo tips and guide Posted by Admin

    Online dating is a great and interesting alternative while looking for a partner and perfect match. However, not all stories might end up successful; there are more and more dating services available in a matter of few clicks. Big and beautiful women always have slightly more problems while dating online than another type of people. Is it because of their weight or because they are quite shy and lack of confidence? It’s both actually. Sources say that plus size ladies have the ability to be more criticize about their body shapes and it all leads to unsuccessful love stories.

    How to be successful in online dating and don’t get crazy while posting good looking pictures on the Internet? Let’s find out!

    1.Take some pictures outside

    There’s always better to upload a picture in natural, beautiful environment than having a selfie in the bathroom. Even an average quality camera can take awesome shots outdoors and you can take advantage from this. Being in full light will help you to manage body shape and how it’s going to look like in the pic. With a couple of shadow tricks, you can make your body looks slimmer.

    2.Wear your best clothes

    You don’t need to wear only label clothes to looks like a million dollars, however having something nice and elegant would be recommended. It’s very important to choose something you are comfortable and beautiful with. Your clothes are going to express your personality on the photo, so choose wisely. For a better look, try to wear something black, since this color makes body looks a bit slimmer than in reality.

    3. Don’t cover your face

    There’s no need to be a ninja and cover half of your pretty face in the shadows. Try to avoid sunglasses too, because people with sunglasses on profile pictures are usually skipped ahead and treat as a someone who is trying to hide something. Eyes are a window to the soul and will express you more than you can even imagine.

    4.Avoid seated poses

    Unfortunately sitting pose is worst position ever, which might expose your curves and extra kilograms instantly. In order to have great shot for a dating profile, try to have a standing pose and look relaxed. This will make you look thinner and more confident.

    5.Don’t crop pictures

    Cropping pictures mean that you either have something to hide or you don’t want to expose your full body. Never, ever try to upload a picture without full body shape. Your profile will be skipped automatically if you do so. Be confident and show your sexy curves to the world.

    6.Avoid straight angles

    Straight angles will make your body looks fat, even more than it is in reality due to the camera lens. Try to stand in such angle which will help you to look slimmer. It’s a great strategy especially if you have quite a lot of fat around your belly.

    7.Ask for professional help

    A professional photographer will always know what kind of picture you shall take in order to upload it on BBW dating websites. There is nothing wrong in asking for help, especially if you want to be successful in dating and gather many potential partners into your profile.

    The choice of profile picture, is the main key to being successful and find a perfect partner for BBW. Studies have shown that dating profiles with attractive and well-taken shots increase the rate of viewers for almost 100 %. This is a good chance to take.

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